Omnia Vincit Amor
Tumblr's my sanctuary. eversince I joined, I know I did the right thing

I ALWAYS follow back. I just wish you aren't afraid of my ask box. :) so, ask your heart away. Tell me anything I need to know. I mean, ANYTHING.

Here's a bit of myself :3

I'm Guia.

I am a very open minded person, but i'm also well grounded. tolerant and flexible, but i also know where to stand firm, and i can draw the line. I am higly loyal and protective of those I love. While I can be intense at times, i am generally a laid back person. but if a fight comes in my way, i will fight 'til death if necessary. I seem normal to most people, no one understands how different i can be. i do my best to seem mysterious. okay, i know that i am plain and im cool with that. I am understated yet universal.

well, that's just about it, tell me more when you get to know me. :)

Boner/s boning

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